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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Who Am I Wednesday #2

Well, here we are.  Another Wednesday, and another "WHO AM I WEDNESDAY" is on the docket, the day where you try to guess who I'm talking about based on a fictional diary entry, day planner page, or calendar page.

Hey...I am a master of pop culture.  I can find these things anywhere.  Or, at least make them up in the guise of them.  I make a much better actor when I imagine myself typing as them as opposed to standing on a stage pretending to BE them.

Now, because this topic is brand new, and didn't really get a whole lot of response, I'll explain it again.

It's a bit of a game, the "WHO AM I WEDNESDAY".  I'll pick a person, real or fictional, and I will write out a page from a journal or day planner, and your job is to pick out the clues from what is written on the page and guess who I'm describing.

Sounds simple right?

Again, there are no prizes available.  You forget that retail doesn't pay very much...ever.  This is strictly for fun.  And, honestly, I'm not sure if this will actually continue, so I'm just trying it out for a few weeks to gauge the response.  The other two new theme days are performing fantastic, so I'm still testing the waters.  Hope you don't mind!

Okay, so firstly, I will tell you the answer from last week's entry.  Remember the clues that were given...

- It took place on someone's sixteenth birthday.
- The person whose diary entry was posted talked about how her best friend forgot her birthday.
- It takes place in a city that has some sort of pyramid shaped office building.
- She talked about how her friend began neglecting her after she met her boyfriend in Spain during a foreign exchange program.
- Her nicknames for her best friend's family are Mr. T, Hairboy, and Squirt.
- She apparently once called her best friend a "geekburger".
- Her best friend has the name Donna Jo.

Have you figured it out yet?  Well, here's one more hint.

Hmmm...the "Full House" theme.  Oh, yes.  That show takes place in San Francisco, doesn't it?  And aside from the Golden Gate Bridge, the only other outstanding landmarks are Coit Tower, Lombard Street (that zigzag street), and the Transamerica Pyramid - which our diary scribe accidentally called the Transsexual Pyramid!

Okay, so she may not be the brightest bulb in the camera.  Another clue.  But she did go on that trip to Spain with her friend named Donna Jo.  And, I suppose Donna Jo could be abbreviated to D.J. 

Wait a minute.  Wasn't there a character on Full House named D.J. Tanner?  Why, yes.  Candace Cameron Bure played her for eight years!  But, who was D.J.'s best friend?

Oh, yeah!  It was Kimberly Louise Gibbler.  Otherwise known as just Kimmy.  And, as it so happens, Kimmy Gibbler was the subject of the very first WHO AM I WEDNESDAY!  

Oh, yeah...the elaborately crafted story?  It all came from a season six episode of the "Full House" series.  It was called "Birthday Blues", and it was the episode in which D.J. actually forgot Kimmy's 16th birthday and made her a hash brown and potato cake.  And the date of the diary entry is the day after that episode originally aired.  Pretty crafty huh?  I certainly did a lot of research on that episode!

(Thank you "Full House Reviewed" for the recap.  And, actually, check out the site.  This guy reviews every single episode of the series with a whole lot of snark.  If you haven't checked it out, click HERE!)

All right.  Now for today's edition of WHO AM I WEDNESDAY!  And for this one, we once again feature a fictional character.  This time, we're going to take a look at their day planner.  Hopefully you can figure out who it is by the clues left behind.

So, tell me.  Who is it?


5:45 AM - Wake up to the sound of birds singing

6:00 AM - Lay out best green suit for Sunday Church Services.  I can't be late, no siree!

6:20 AM - Get dressed.

6:30 AM - Get the kids up by singing them their favorite hymn.

7:00 AM - Eat a scrumptio-diddly-dumptious breakfast.

7:15 AM - Make a note - Buy some more gluten-free, sugar-free cereal.  It makes Roddy jiggly-wiggly at the breakfast table.

8:00 AM - Sit down as a family and watch Hour of Power before church services.

8:45 AM - Leave for church; blow a kiss to my beloved Maudie up in the heavens.  I still miss her.

9:00 AM - Head inside church, making sure to get the pew that is front and center.

9:30 AM - 11:00 AM - Become enlightened by the words of the Bible.

11:01 AM - Ask Reverend about bake sale.

11:03 AM - Ask Reverend about how to handle next door neighbor.

11:05 AM - Ask Reverend and his wife to dinner for the eighty-sixth time, hoping that he will say yes this time.

11:06 AM - Head home; must think of another approach to get Reverend home for dinner.  What if I make him a nice peach cobbler.  Yummy yummy yum!

12:00 PM - Prepare a nice lunch of non-fat, gluten-free, dairy-free pasta for the boys.  As for me, I'll settle for a slice of white bread with a glass of water on the side for dippin'! 

12:30 PM - Go next door looking for the microwave, garage door opener, and TV tray that were borrowed.

12:35 PM - Try again next week to reclaim my belongings.

1:00 PM - Spend some time in the garden prunin' and weedin' the roses, tulips, and daff-a-dilly-dills.

3:00 PM - Head next door to remind neighbour that undergotchies are not an outdoor clothing item.

4:00 PM - Movie afternoon with the kiddily-diddlies.  I think the Ten Commandments is a fine choice.

7:00 PM - Dinner.

7:30 PM - Beddy-bye!

Okay, people.  Who is this person?

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